Daysoft Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are produced in the UK in one of the most technologically advanced contact lens laboratory in the world. We only make daily disposables because fresh, sterile lenses everyday is the healthiest and most convenient way to wear lenses.

Our Unique Choice of Solutions

We recognise that the solution the lens is packed in can also be an important factor in  overall comfort and satisfaction for lens wearers. That’s why we give you the choice of two different solutions, both sterile, preservative free.....and both at the same unbeatable price.

daysoft in SILK solution

SILK solution is an enriched saline solution for enhanced comfort and moisture throughout the day

SILK contains the eye’s natural lubricant, Hyaluronan, which can hold up to 1,000 times its weight of water, keeping your eyes moist all day


daysoft in CLASSIC solution

CLASSIC solution is a simple saline solution, with no added moisturisers

CLASSIC solution can be particularly beneficial to allergy sufferers and people with sensitive eyes

CLASSIC solution is the same saline used in our original daysoft 58 lens, with over 430 Million sold


daysoft in SILK solution and daysoft in CLASSIC solution are both available at the same unbeatable price and every purchase is backed by our no quibble Money Back Guarantee, so simply click on the link to Order Lenses


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